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Question 1: Samtgemeinde - a ________ legal term for a group of villages (Dorf, pl.
Lower SaxonySalzgitterBraunschweigOsnabrück

Question 2: The word Town is related to the ________ word Zaun [tsown ≈ English] the Dutch word tuin [toin ≈ English], and the Norse/Norwegian tun [tun ≈ English].
AustriaEthnic GermansGermansGermany

Question 3: Large cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, ________, Tabriz, etc.
KashanTappeh SialkIsfahanNaqsh-e Jahan Square

Question 4: In the ________ no distinction is made between "city" and "town"; both translate as "stad".

Question 5: In ________ and Wales, a town traditionally was a settlement which had a charter to hold a market or fair and therefore became a "market town".
ScotlandUnited KingdomBritish peopleEngland

Question 6: In ________, a town is an incorporated municipality similar to a city (though with a smaller required minimum population), but while cities are by Virginia law independent of counties, towns are contained within a county.
West VirginiaNorth CarolinaVirginiaNew Jersey

Question 7: a farm-town or in Scots ferm-toun), not all of which might be inhabited, or to an inhabited area of any size which is not otherwise described in terms such as city, ________, etc.
BurghBoroughProvinceCivil parish

Question 8: In the six ________ states, a town is a municipality and a more important unit than the county.
Southern United StatesMidwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew England

Question 9: Before the ________ in 1990, Hungarian villages under 10,000 residents were not allowed to become towns.
Mikhail GorbachevCollapse of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)Berlin WallRevolutions of 1989

Question 10: However, the entire island is lumped as a single incorporated city, the City and County of ________.
Honolulu County, HawaiiPhoenix, ArizonaColumbus, OhioHonolulu


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