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Towed array sonar: Quiz


Question 1: A towed array sonar is a sonar array that is towed behind a submarine or surface ________.
FeluccaShipHerring BussFishing vessel

Question 2: The array's hydrophones can be used to detect sound sources, but the real value of the array is that the signal processing technique of ________ and interferometry can be used to calculate the distance and the direction of a sound source.
Multi-user MIMOPhased arrayBeamformingMIMO

Question 3: On the first few hundred meters near the ship's ________ there are usually none since their effectiveness would be reduced by noise, vibration and turbulence generated by the propulsion.
Jet enginePropellerPropeller (aircraft)Steamboat

Question 4: Also it has to reduce its speed as the ________ drag might tear the cable - this can also happen if the array makes contact with the seafloor or the submarine operates astern propulsion.
Surface tensionFluid mechanicsViscosityFluid dynamics


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