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Totalitarianism: Quiz


Question 1: ________ “The Disputed Concept of Totalitarianism,” pages 11–33 from Totalitarianism Reconsidered edited by Ernest A.
Adolf HitlerErnst NolteNazi GermanyKarl Dietrich Bracher

Question 2: In The Origins of Totalitarianism, ________ argued that Nazi and State communist regimes were new forms of government, and not merely updated versions of the old tyrannies.
Jürgen HabermasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMartin HeideggerHannah Arendt

Question 3: "The officially proclaimed ________ penetrates into the deepest reaches of societal structure and the totalitarian government seeks to completely control the thoughts and actions of its citizens ."[4]
Jürgen HabermasPoliticsSociologyIdeology

Question 4: [4] The term was later assigned a positive meaning in the writings of ________, Italy’s most prominent philosopher and leading theorist of fascism.
Fascism and ideologyItalian FascismGiovanni GentileNazism

Question 5: Both the comic book and movie "________" depict this type of government structure.
Alan MooreAlan Moore bibliographyWatchmenV for Vendetta

Question 6: [6] According to ________, this system politicizes everything spiritual and human:[4]
Benito MussoliniItalian FascismFascismAxis powers

Question 7: [7] Isabel Paterson, in The God of the Machine (1943), used the term in connection with the collectivist societies of the Soviet Union and ________.
Axis powersAdolf HitlerNazismNazi Germany

Question 8: The term 'Authoritarian' refers to the structure of ________ rather than to society.

Question 9: It attempts to control virtually all aspects of the social life including ________, education, art, science, private life and morals of citizens.
Keynesian economicsEconomyEconomicsMercantilism

Question 10: [19] Laqueur argued the revisionists' arguments with regards to Soviet history were highly similar to the arguments made by ________ in regards to German history.
NazismAdolf HitlerErnst NolteNazi Germany


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