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Question 1: The phrase had previously been used by Bertrand de Jouvenel and ________.
Joseph StalinRussiaE. H. CarrAdolf Hitler

Question 2: In a similar vein, ________, in his 1964 book One-Dimensional Man, describes a society in which, in his words, "…liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination.
Herbert MarcuseMarxismFrankfurt SchoolTheodor W. Adorno

Question 3: Shortly after the time of Talmon's book, the ________ would bring active hostility between elements in the U.S.
Korean WarVietnam WarCold WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4: The philosophy of totalitarian ________, according to Talmon, is based on a top-down view of society, which sees an absolute and perfect political truth to which all reasonable humans are driven.
AuthoritarianismDemocracyJohn LockeGottfried Leibniz

Question 5: Shoulong recognizes that the term "totalitarian" has a connotation attached to it, used as it was by Giovanni Gentile to apply to the Italian fascist government led by ________.
Italian FascismBenito MussoliniAdolf HitlerAxis powers

Question 6: In The Social Contract, Rousseau contends that the interests of the individual and the state are one and the same, and it is the state's responsibility to implement the "________."
General willHugo GrotiusJean-Jacques RousseauPolitical philosophy

Question 7: Thus economic and social endeavors, which tend to strengthen the collective, are seen as valuable, whereas education and ________, which tend to strengthen the individual, are seen as counterproductive.
ReligionRelationship between religion and scienceSoulAtheism

Question 8: His work is a criticism of the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a French philosopher whose ideas influenced the ________.
National Constituent AssemblyFrench DirectoryNational ConventionFrench Revolution

Question 9: He posits that totalitarian democracy, or what he terms "equality-oriented democracy," is founded on the idea that it is possible, and necessary, that the complete ________ and freedoms of people ought not be held hostage to traditions and social arrangements.
RightsJusticeUtilitarianismImmanuel Kant

Question 10: A totalitarian democracy, says Talmon, accepts "exclusive territorial ________" as its right.
RepublicState (polity)LawSovereignty


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