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Total war: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following is a quote about/from Total war?
"We fly the British Flag, not these awful things."
Music is the only thing that moves me.
u201CIt's like trying to run an assembly in a girls' school!u201D
But it's the girl that makes the thing that drills the hole

Question 2: During the Middle Ages, the Mongols in the ________ practised total war.
13th century11th century12th century14th century

Question 3: Millions of civilians died from ________, exposure, atrocities, and massacres.

Question 4: During the ________, U.S.
American Civil WarTennesseeBleeding KansasUnited States

Question 5: a few days later, along with ________; the U.S., consequently declaring war on both, found itself fully involved in a second world war.
Italian FascismBenito MussoliniFascismFascism and ideology

Question 6: The descent into large scale violence at this time was partly due to population pressures, and partly the product of tensions caused by the ________.
Counter-ReformationEast–West SchismCrusadesProtestant Reformation

Question 7: During the battle of Leningrad, newly-built ________ were driven—unpainted because of a paint shortage—from the factory floor straight to the front.
T-26 tankT-34T-44Iosif Stalin tank

Question 8: Union Army General ________'s 'March to the Sea' in November/December 1864 destroyed the resources required for the South to make war.
William Tecumseh ShermanUlysses S. GrantPhilip SheridanHenry Wager Halleck

Question 9: USAF General ________ updated the concept for the nuclear age.
Larry D. WelchTwentieth Air ForceCurtis LeMayJohn Dale Ryan

Question 10: One of the features of Total War in Britain was the use of government ________ posters to divert all attention to the war on the home front.
IndoctrinationAd hominemPropagandaDisinformation

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