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Question 1: ________ have pointed out that tourist venues such as cruise ships are acquiring many of the characteristics of total institutions.
Social structureSystems theoryTalcott ParsonsSociology

Question 2: ________ are exemplary of this definition of total institutions.
Phi Iota AlphaKappa Alpha SocietySigma ChiFraternities and sororities

Question 3: Of these, concentration camps and ________ are the most extreme example of a total institution.
Treblinka extermination campExtermination campThe HolocaustAuschwitz concentration camp

Question 4: Some ________, concentration camps, colleges, cults, prisons, mental institutions, sailing ships, boot camps, monasteries, convents, nursing homes, and orphanages fit this description.
Boarding schoolUniversity-preparatory schoolPublic school (privately funded)Private school

Question 5: Prisons and mental institutions, though legal, involve the involuntary isolation of people out of the ________.
SocietyJürgen HabermasDemocracyPolitical philosophy

Question 6: A total institution, also referred to as a voracious institution, as defined by ________, is an institution where all parts of life of individuals under the institution are subordinated to and dependent upon the authorities of the organization.
Erving GoffmanJürgen HabermasHistory of sociologySociology

Question 7: Some of the few types of total institutions which operate within a ________ are boarding schools, small private colleges, orphanages and homes for troubled children.
LawCivil societyExecutive (government)Bureaucracy

Question 8: Unless ________, boot camps, army barracks and submarine crew, involve total institutions where individuals join as non-civilian professionals.
United StatesMilitary serviceConscriptionConscientious objector

Question 9: Total institutions are social microcosms dictated by ________ and clear hierarchy.


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