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Question 1: The total fertility rate in the United States after ________ peaked at about 3.8 children per woman in the late 1950s and by 1999 was at 2 children.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 2: However, it may take several generations for a change in the total fertility rate to be reflected in ________, because the age distribution must reach equilibrium.
Birth rateAbortionFamily planningBirth control

Question 3: ________ usually have a much lower fertility rate due to greater wealth, education, and urbanization.
High income economyHuman Development IndexDeveloped countryTurkey

Question 4: ________
List of countries and territories by fertility rateList of countries by population growth rateList of countries and dependencies by population densityList of countries by birth rate

Question 5: However, the fertility of the population of the United States is below replacement among those native born, and above replacement among ________ families, most of whom come to the U.S.
Immigration to the United Kingdom since 1922ImmigrationImmigration to EuropeImmigration to Spain

Question 6: Fertility rates are also higher due to the lack of access to ________, generally lower levels of female education, and lower rates of female employment in industry.
CondomBirth controlSafe sexPregnancy

Question 7: Mortality rates are low, ________ is understood and easily accessible, and costs are often deemed very high because of education, clothing, feeding, and social amenities.
PregnancySafe sexCondomBirth control


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