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Toso: Quiz


Question 1: The custom is now mainly limited to ________ and west Japan; in other regions celebratory o-toso at New Year is often plain sake without tososan.
Nara PrefectureTokyoKansai regionHyōgo Prefecture

Question 2: The tososan mixture is said to have originated as a prescription of the famous Chinese physician ________ during the Three Kingdoms period.
Liu BeiCao CaoGuan YuHua Tuo

Question 3: Nowadays it is typically made from Japanese pepper, asiasari radix, apiaceae, ________, dried ginger, atractylodes Japonica, Chinese bellflower and rhubarb, amongst others.
TeaSpiceCinnamonCinnamomum aromaticum

Question 4: The tradition of drinking toso at the New Year began in the Tang Dynasty in China, and was adopted by Japanese aristocrats during the ________.
Kamakura periodAsuka periodNara periodHeian period

Question 5: Toso (屠蘇?), or o-toso, is spiced medicinal sake traditionally drunk during New Year celebrations in ________.
JapanUnited KingdomCambodiaCanada

Question 6: Toso is made by combining several medicinal herbs to form tososan (屠蘇散?), a spicy mixture, which is then soaked in ________ or mirin.
BrewingBeerSakeAlcoholic beverage


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