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Toruń: Quiz


Question 1: Listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1997, Toruń has many monuments of architecture beginning from the ________, including 200 military structures.
Middle AgesLate Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 2: The medieval old town of Toruń is the birthplace of ________.
HeliocentrismPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthNicolaus CopernicusJohannes Kepler

Question 3: Toruń became a center of resistance to ________ and Kulturkampf by Poles, who established a Polish-language newspaper, Gazeta Toruńska.

Question 4: In 1557, during the ________, the city adopted Protestantism, while most Polish cities remained Roman Catholic.
CrusadesCounter-ReformationProtestant ReformationEast–West Schism

Question 5: According to the Treaty of Versailles signed after World War I in 1919, it was part of the ________ assigned to Poland.
West PrussiaPolish CorridorPomeranian VoivodeshipRecovered Territories

Question 6: In 1870 French prisoners of war taken during the ________ built a chain of forts surrounding the town.
Alsace-LorraineGerman EmpireFranco-Prussian WarOtto von Bismarck

Question 7: Among others, the "House of Kopernik" and the accompanying museum commemorate ________ and his revolutionary work, the university museum reveals the history of the city's academic past.
Johannes KeplerNicolaus CopernicusPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthHeliocentrism

Question 8: Unibax Toruń - ________ who ride in the Speedway Ekstraliga, Polish Champions four times
Speedway World Team CupMotorcycle speedwaySpeedway World ChampionshipSpeedway World Cup

Question 9: During the Great Northern War (1700–21), the restoration of ________ as King of Poland was prepared in the town by Russian Tsar Peter the Great.
Sigismund II AugustusAugustus II the StrongJohn II Casimir VasaJohn III Sobieski

Question 10: In 1793 the city was annexed by the ________ following the Second Partition of Poland.
Margraviate of BrandenburgKingdom of PrussiaProvince of PomeraniaGerman Empire


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