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Torture murder: Quiz


Question 1: Channon Gail Christian (________, 2007)
Chattanooga, TennesseeMemphis, TennesseeTennesseeKnoxville, Tennessee

Question 2: Those who kill by torture under the authority of a state may be later tried by another state or authority such as the ________.
International Criminal CourtSpecial Court for Sierra LeoneCommand responsibilityUniversal jurisdiction

Question 3: H. H. Holmes (________, 1893 to 1895)
ChicagoElmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisBurr Ridge, Illinois

Question 4: During the reign of Pol Pot in Cambodia during 1975-9, torture was used to identify possible espionage activities against the ________ regime.
Son SenVietnamKang Kek IewKhmer Rouge

Question 5: There, the killer will kill the victim by ________.
TortureCapital punishmentSlaveryHuman rights

Question 6: ________ (Wallachia, 1448; 1456–1462; 1476)
Ottoman EmpireTransylvaniaVlad III the ImpalerJohn Hunyadi

Question 7: John Wayne Gacy (________, 1972 to 1978)
Burr Ridge, IllinoisChicagoElmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, Illinois

Question 8: The ________ secret police, Cheka, practiced deadly torture on a huge scale during the Red Terror and Russian Civil War.
BolshevikMenshevikVladimir LeninRussian Social Democratic Labour Party

Question 9: Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (Moors murders) (________, 1963 to 1965)
EnglandWalesScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 10: The murder and the ensuing trial attracted mass media attention and debate, mainly over the sufficient "________" as is required in UK law for murder, with felons of such a young age.
Mens reaAttempt crimeCriminal negligenceCriminal law

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