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Tort: Quiz


Question 1: ________ argued that the law should recognise a unifying principle that we owe a duty of reasonable care to our neighbors.
WalesFrank Douglas MacKinnonUnited KingdomJames Atkin, Baron Atkin

Question 2: ________
Product liabilityNegligenceList of basic tort law topicsEggshell skull

Question 3: [3] Torts is one of the ________ mandatory first year law school courses.
Juris DoctorLegal clinicAmerican Bar AssociationContinuing legal education

Question 4: See, for instance, the rabbinic category of ________.
HalakhaJudaismBrit milahDamages (Jewish law)

Question 5: The majority of the members of the ________ agreed (3-2) that Mrs.
Politics of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomHouse of Lords

Question 6: A huge issue in the ________ is whether to follow the U.S.
European UnionGermanyDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 7: So is the abuse of market power by monopolists, or the substantial lessening of competition through a ________, acquisition, or concentration of enterprises.
Corporate financeCapital structureMergers and acquisitionsBond (finance)

Question 8: Stevenson for damages for breach of contract because there was no ________ between them.
DuressDelegation (law)ContractSharia

Question 9: From the late 1950s a group of legally oriented economists and economically oriented lawyers emphasized incentives and deterrence, and identified the aim of tort as being the efficient distribution of ________.
RiskUncertaintyFinancial riskRisk management

Question 10: A number of situations caused by parties in a contractual relationship may nevertheless be tort rather than contract claims, such as breach of ________.
FiduciaryTrust lawCommon lawLaw


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