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Torstenson War: Quiz


Question 1: At the same time, Sweden was continually threatened by Denmark-Norway, which almost completely encircled Sweden from the south (Blekinge, ________, and Halland), the west (Bohuslän) and the northwest (Jämtland).
ScaniaLundScandinaviaSwedish language

Question 2: According to the Peace of Westphalia both prince-bishoprics became a fief of the ________ to the Swedish crown in 1648.
Byzantine EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFranciaGerman Empire

Question 3: Sweden now virtually controlled the Baltic, had unrestricted access to the ________ and was no longer encircled by Denmark-Norway.
North SeaBaltic SeaEnglish ChannelAtlantic Ocean

Question 4: The Torstenson war, Hannibal controversy or Hannibal War (Norwegian: Hannibalsfeiden) was a short period of conflict between Sweden and ________ which occurred in 1643 to 1645 during the waning days of the Thirty Years' War.
ScandinaviaVikingUnion between Sweden and NorwayDenmark–Norway

Question 5: They were exempted from the Sound Dues, the toll for passing through Danish territory into the ________.
Black SeaBaltic SeaNorth SeaArctic Ocean

Question 6: Sehested had made preparations to advance with his own army and a similar army under Henrik Bjelke into Swedish Värmland, but was ordered to relieve the King in the Danish attack on ________.
BoråsGothenburg MunicipalityGothenburgTrollhättan

Question 7: Denmark-Norway ceded to Sweden the Norwegian provinces of Jemtland, Herjedalen and Idre & Serna and the strategically located Danish islands of Gotland in the center of the Baltic and Øsel in the ________.
Baltic SeaArctic OceanNorth SeaBlack Sea

Question 8: In February of 1644 the Swedish General Gustav Horn occupied much of the then Danish provinces of Halland and ________, except for the Danish fortress town of Malmø, with an army of 11,000 men.
JämtlandSwedenSwedish languageScania

Question 9: Proceeding from Moravia, his forces entered Danish territory at Holstein on December 12th and by the end of January 1644 the ________ peninsula was in his possession.
Jutland PeninsulaJutlandDenmarkSchleswig-Holstein


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