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Torpedo tube: Quiz


Question 1: The more recent designs of submarine torpedo tube may even be used for more than one size of torpedo, as well as other munitions including mines and ________.
Air-to-air missileAnti-ballistic missileAnti-ship missileCruise missile

Question 2: On others, such as the Soviet ________, the smaller tubes were 21 inch.
Victor class submarineGraney class submarineTyphoon class submarineAkula class submarine

Question 3: Those designed to operate below water level, as fitted to ________ and some surface ships
Alfa class submarineTorpedoSubmarineUnited States Navy

Question 4: On the older Soviet boats such as the ________, the smaller tubes were 16 inch, with the general purpose tubes being the standard 21 inch.
Hotel class submarineEcho class submarineDelta class submarineGolf class submarine

Question 5: For wire-guided torpedoes, the muzzle door must remain open because the guidance wire is still connected to the inside of the breech door to receive commands from the submarine’s ________.
Torpedo Data ComputerFire-control systemShip gun fire-control systemsAnti-aircraft warfare

Question 6: A torpedo tube is a device for launching ________ in a horizontal direction.
Naval mineTorpedoSubmarineBattleship


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