Torpedo: Quiz


Question 1: This led to the idea of injecting a liquid fuel, like ________, into the air and igniting it.

Question 2: Confederate General Gabriel J. Rains deployed "sub-terra shells" or "land torpedoes", ________ shells with pressure fuses buried in the road by retreating Confederate forces to delay their pursuers.
SiegeMilitary historyArtilleryNaval warfare

Question 3: Much like the invention of the ________, the earliest torpedo concepts existed many centuries before being developed as working devices.

Question 4: Originally, plotting tables (in large ships), combined with specialised ________ (known in U.S.
Slide ruleNumberLogarithmCalculator

Question 5: The four major torpedoes in the ________ inventory are:
United States NavyUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Coast GuardUnited States armed forces

Question 6: By the turn of the century, the term no longer included mines and booby-traps as the navies of the world added ________, torpedo boats and torpedo boat destroyers to their fleets.
Alfa class submarineUnited States NavyBattleshipSubmarine

Question 7: Torpedoes may aimed at the target and fired unguided, similarly to an ________, or they may be guided onto the target.
Shell (projectile)TankCannonAnti-tank warfare

Question 8: ________ may be carried by fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters or missiles.
World War IITorpedo bomberType 91 torpedoAerial torpedo

Question 9: During the US Civil War, the term "torpedo" was also used to refer to various types of bombs and ________.
Anti-personnel mineFuzeBooby trapImprovised explosive device

Question 10: Some ________ and Russian torpedoes, including the current ASW models
Joseph StalinEast GermanyEastern BlocSoviet Union

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