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Torii: Quiz


Question 1: Almost identical to a kasuga torii (see illustration above), but with the two upper lintels at with a slant, the Hachiman torii (八幡鳥居?) first appeared during the ________.
Heian periodAsuka periodNara periodKamakura period

Question 2: Commonly found in groups at the entrance of villages together with ________ called jangseung, they are talismans which ward off evil spirits and bring the villagers good luck.
AlaskaTotem poleHaidaTlingit

Question 3: Benzaiten is a syncretic goddess derived from the Indian divinity ________ which unites elements of both Shinto and Buddhism.

Question 4: Various tentative ________ of the word torii exist.
LinguisticsMorphology (linguistics)EtymologyHistorical linguistics

Question 5: "Bird perches" similar in form and function to the sotdae exist also in other shamanistic cultures in China, ________ and Siberia.

Question 6: As prominent a temple as ________'s Shitennō-ji, founded in 593 by Shōtoku Taishi and the oldest state-built Buddhist temple in the country, has a torii straddling its main entrance.

Question 7: Bird motives from the Yayoi and ________ associating birds with the dead have also been found in several archeological sites.
Yamato periodKofun periodHistory of JapanAsuka period

Question 8: Ancient Japanese texts like the Kojiki and the ________ for example mention how Yamato Takeru after his death became a white bird and in that form chose a place for his own burial.
Nihon ShokiJapanese dragonInari OkamiJapanese mythology

Question 9: The example in the gallery below is the main torii at Chiriku Hachimangū in ________, and a city-designated Important Cultural Property.
Saga PrefectureFukuoka PrefectureYamanashi PrefectureHokkaidō

Question 10: It is thought by some to have been built by early Japanese ________ to represent the Holy Trinity.
ChristianChristianityJesusCatholic Church

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