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Tori Amos: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following instruments does Tori Amos play?

Question 2:
What was Tori Amos's birth name?
Mark Strong & Rudy Strong
Jencarlos Canela
Myra Ellen Amos
David Spencer Ware

Question 3:
Which of the following labels did Tori Amos work with?
1720/Universal Republic
Universal Republic
Rhythm Republic
Republic, Main Entry, RCA, Big Brother, SPV, Polydor, Geffin

Question 4: Amos married English ________ Mark Hawley on February 22, 1998.
Audio engineeringCivil engineeringElectronic engineeringBroadcast engineering

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does Tori Amos produce?

Question 6:
When was Tori Amos born?

Question 7:
What is Tori Amos also known as?
Tori Amos
Waerstan; Wu00E6rstan
Baird, David; Baird, Sir David, Second Baronet
Quinn, Brayden Tyler

Question 8: Image Comics released ________ (2008), a collection of comic stories, each based on or inspired by songs recorded by Amos.
Scarlet's WalkComic Book TattooDelirium (comics)Tori Amos

Question 9: Amos traveled to ________ with personal and professional partner Eric Rosse in 1993 to write and largely record her second solo record, Under the Pink.
IllinoisColoradoNew MexicoMontana

Question 10: She added harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord to her keyboard repertoire, and also included such anomalies as a gospel choir, ________, church bells, and drum programming.
BagpipesUilleann pipesGreat Highland BagpipePipe band

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