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Torch: Quiz


Question 1: The torch is also a symbol used by political parties such as the British Conservative Party (who exchanged it for an oak tree in 2006) and the ________.
Nationalist Party (Malta)Democratic Alternative (Malta)Malta Labour PartyImperium Europa

Question 2: A torch carried in relay by cross-country runners is used to light the ________ which burns without interruption until the end of the Games.
Olympic Flame2008 Summer OlympicsOlympic mascotOlympic Games

Question 3: ________ of the High Church and some Lutherans use torches in some of their liturgical celebrations as well.
Episcopal Church (United States)CatholicismEcumenical councilAnglicanism

Question 4: Thus the ________, actually "Liberty Enlightening the World", lifts her torch.
Adirondack ParkGovernors IslandGrant's TombStatue of Liberty

Question 5: If a torch is made of ________ mixed with lime, the fire will not diminish after being plunged into water.

Question 6: Torches were often supported in sconces by brackets high up on walls, to throw light over corridors in stone structures such as ________ or crypts.
Hill fortFortificationCastleKeep


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