Torah: Quiz


Question 1: Jews observe an annual holiday, ________, to celebrate the completion of the year's cycle of readings.
Jewish holidayShabbatSukkotSimchat Torah

Question 2: Torah reading (Hebrew: קריאת התורה, K'riat HaTorah ; "Reading [of] the Torah") is a Jewish religious ________ that involves the public reading of a set of passages from a Torah scroll.

Question 3: Bereshit (Genesis) begins with the story of creation (Genesis 1-3) and Adam and Eve in the ________, as well the account of their descendants.
JannahGarden of EdenHeavenParadise

Question 4: The term often refers to the entire ceremony of removing the ________ (or scrolls) from the ark, chanting the appropriate excerpt with special cantillation, and returning the scroll(s) to the ark.
Jewish holidaySefer TorahJudaismKabbalah

Question 5: On the way, they camp at Mount Sinai/Horeb where Moses receives the Torah, including the ________, from God, and mediates His laws and Covenant (Exodus 19-24) to the people of Israel.
Christianity and JudaismBiblical canonTen CommandmentsBible

Question 6: The ________ names are derived from the Greek and reflect the essential theme of each book:
Cultural assimilationAnglicisationChristianizationGermanisation

Question 7: On ________ and fast days, special sections connected to the day are read.
Jewish RenewalJewish holidayPassoverKaraite Judaism

Question 8: ________ and Joseph Bonfils observed that some phrases in the Torah present information that people should only have known after the time of Moses.
Abraham ibn EzraBibleKabbalahItaly

Question 9: The Mishnah and Gemara together are called the ________.
MidrashTalmudRabbinic literatureJewish philosophy

Question 10: ________ laws: With the severity of Sabbath violation, namely the death penalty, one would assume that direction would be provided as to how exactly such a serious and core commandment should be upheld.
Jewish holidayShabbatPassoverHebrew calendar

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