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Topkapı Palace: Quiz


Question 1: The small, indented stone on the ground in front of the gate marks the place where the banner of the Prophet ________ was unfurled.

Question 2: They were taught the arts, such as music, painting and ________.
Lower caseBlackletterCalligraphyTypeface

Question 3: The resort hotel World Of Wonders Resorts & Hotels Topkapi Palace in ________ is a reconstruction of some of the buildings, such as the Audience Chamber, the palace kitchens and the Tower of Justice.

Question 4: In other cases, two trees of a different kind have grown and fused together, such as a ________ that grew in the hollow of another tree and effectively fused with it.
BanyanPharmacosyceaFicusCommon fig

Question 5: Unlike other royal residences that had strict master plans, such as Schönbrunn Palace or the ________, Topkapı Palace developed over the course of centuries, with sultans adding and changing various structures and elements.
Palace of FontainebleauPalace of VersaillesAppartement du roiGardens of Versailles

Question 6: Upon passing the Middle Gate, the visitor enters the Second Courtyard (II. Avlu), or Divan Square (Divan Meydanı), which was a park full of ________ and gazelles, used as a gathering place for courtiers.
Indian PeafowlPhasianidaePeafowlBird

Question 7: The main door is surmounted by an embossed ________ (the Muslim confession of faith "In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful") dating from 1723.
Arabic languageAr-RahmanQur'anBasmala

Question 8: The library contained books on ________, Islamic law and similar works of scholarship in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and Persian.

Question 9: A jade bowl, shaped like a vessel, was a present of Czar ________.
Nicholas II of RussiaGrand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaAlexander III of Russia

Question 10: During Greek and Byzantine times, the acropolis of the ancient Greek city of ________ stood here.
Roman EmpireByzantiumIstanbulGreeks


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