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Top Spin (ride): Quiz


Question 1: VooDoo at ________
Six Flags Great AmericaSix Flags Magic MountainSix Flags Over GeorgiaSix Flags Discovery Kingdom

Question 2:
  • טופ ספין (Top Spin) at "Luna Park ________"
    JerusalemTel AvivIsraelHaifa

Question 3: Der Twister at ________
SeaWorld San AntonioSix Flags Fiesta TexasTrinity University (Texas)San Antonio

Question 4: Terror Rack at ________ - copied version of the ride built by Fabbri
Pleasure Island Family Theme ParkPleasurewood HillsFlamingo Land ResortAmusement park

Question 5: Over time, many of the travelling versions of the ride have been sold to ________.
Amusement parkShoot-the-ChutesLog flume (attraction)Pennsylvania

Question 6: The Top Spin was once a common ride at travelling funfairs, particularly in ________.

Question 7: Twister atSix Flags Great Adventure and ________
Six Flags Over GeorgiaSix Flags Great AmericaSix Flags AmericaSix Flags New England

Question 8: King Chaos at ________
Six Flags Great AmericaSix Flags Over TexasSix Flags Over GeorgiaSix Flags Magic Mountain

Question 9: The Crypt at ________ - "The King of Top Spins," the only Giant Top Spin in the world, completely enclosed.
Kings DominionCanada's WonderlandKings IslandCalifornia's Great America

Question 10:
  • Cliffhanger at ________ - similar version built by Mondial
    UtahSalt Lake CityGreat Salt LakeLagoon Amusement Park


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