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Top-down perspective: Quiz


Question 1: Top-down perspective, also sometimes referred to as bird's-eye view, overhead view or helicopter view, is a camera angle used in ________ that shows the player and the area around them from above.
Nonviolent video gameVideo game genresPersonal computer gameVideo game

Question 2: Today top-down projections are typically used to suggest retro computer games in ________.
Visualization (computer graphics)Computer graphicsIllustrationGraphic design

Question 3: It is also used in some ________ such as the early Grand Theft Auto games.
Light gun shooterFirst-person shooterAction gameShoot 'em up

Question 4: ________
2.5DFull motion video based gameFirst-person shooter engineVector game

Question 5: It was often used in 2D role playing video games, wargames and construction and management simulation games such as ________ and Railroad Tycoon.
SimCitySimCity (series)SimCity 2000SimCity 4

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