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Toothed whale: Quiz


Question 1:
What kind of animal is a Toothed whale?

Question 2: Currently there is no international convention that gives universal coverage to all small whales, although the ________ has attempted to extend its jurisdiction over them.
CanadaCyprusInternational Whaling CommissionFrance

Question 3:
What classis does Toothed whale belong to?

Question 4: As the name suggests, the suborder is characterized by the presence of ________ rather than the baleen of other whales.
Head and neck anatomyTooth developmentFasciaTooth (human)

Question 5: ________ was negotiated to protect all small whales in the North and Baltic Seas and in the northeast Atlantic.
EstoniaUnited KingdomASCOBANSDenmark

Question 6: They may be numerous, with some ________ bearing over 100 teeth in their jaws.
Toothed whaleCetaceaDolphinBottlenose dolphin

Question 7: Keeping small whales (mostly ________, Orcas, or Belugas) in captivity is a great attraction for ocean parks and zoos.
Killer whaleGreat white sharkBottlenose dolphinShark

Question 8: At the other extreme are the ________ with its single long tusk and the almost toothless beaked whales with bizarre teeth only in males.
Killer whaleNarwhalSperm whaleBeluga whale

Question 9: ________ protects all whales in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
Killer whaleFin whaleACCOBAMSMalta

Question 10: All whales (great and small) are listed in ________ Appendices, meaning that international trade in them and products derived from them is very limited.


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