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Question 1: In addition to his acting on Blackadder, he also wrote and narrated several ________-style children's programmes, encouraged by Richard Curtis.
Doctor WhoJohn SessionsJackanoryDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 2:
What role did Tony Robinson play in the telemovie Doctor in Charge?
Dr. Garnet
Sir John Pollock
Reginald Grace

Question 3:
How is Tony Robinson described?
American author and television presenter
Actor, broadcaster and political campaigner
Chilean footballer

Question 4:
What role did Tony Robinson play in the telemovie The Black Adder?
Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
Godfrey, Archbishop of Canterbury/William, Bishop of London
Prince Henry
Baldrick, A Witch

Question 5:
What did Tony Robinson do for a living?
Professional rugby player
Novelist, lepidopterist, professor
Actor, broadcaster and political campaigner
Television producer, screenwriter, actor

Question 6: The advertisements feature plastic cars with expressive faces (similar to ________).
Thomas the Tank EngineMinor characters in The Railway SeriesThe Other RailwayRailway engines (Thomas and Friends)

Question 7:
What role did Tony Robinson play in the TV series Blackadder's Christmas Carol?
Spirit of Christmas
Princes Regent/Pigmot
Baldrick/Baldrick/Sod-Off Baldrick/Baldrick
Ebenezer Blackadder/Lord Edmund Blackadder/Edmund Blackadder, Esq./Cmdr. Edmund

Question 8:
Where was Tony Robinson born?

Question 9: Recently he discovered his ________ ancestry through his grandmother's surname, Levy.

Question 10: He was also active in the "Make Poverty History" campaign during early 2005, in the lead-up to the ________ summit in Scotland, and is the patron for UK-based charity Street Child Africa.
G835th G8 summit34th G8 summit32nd G8 summit


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