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Tonsure: Quiz


Question 1: Orthodox monks traditionally never cut their hair or beards after receiving the monastic tonsure as a sign of the consecration of their lives to God (reminiscent of the Vow of the ________).

Question 2: In Buddhism tonsure is a part of the rite of pabbajja and also a part of becoming a ________.
MonkNunMonasteryHouseholder (Buddhism)

Question 3: [1] The Celtic tonsure was worn in Ireland and Great Britain and was connected to the distinct set of practices known as ________.
Britons (historical)CeltsCeltic ChristianityCeltic art

Question 4: In accordance with ________'s motu proprio Ministeria quaedam of 15 August 1972, "first tonsure is no longer conferred".
Pope John Paul IIPope Paul VIPope Pius XICatholic Church

Question 5: This was observed in the Eastern churches, including the ________ and the Eastern Catholic Churches.
CatholicismOrthodox ChurchEcumenical councilEast–West Schism

Question 6: Baptismal tonsure is performed during the rite of ________ as a first sacrificial offering by the newly baptized.
BaptismLutheranismInfant baptismProtestant Reformation

Question 7: This skull cap, called a zuchetto, is still worn by the ________ (in white), Cardinals (in red) and bishops (in purple) both during and outside of formal religious ceremonies.
Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPopeCatholic Church

Question 8: Among the Germanic tribes, there appeared the custom that an unsuccessful ________ or a dethroned king would be tonsured.
Royal houseAbolished monarchyHohenzollern-SigmaringenPretender

Question 9: In the Latin or Western Rite of the ________, "first tonsure" was, in medieval times, the rite of inducting someone into the clergy and qualifying him for the civil benefits then enjoyed by clerics.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope

Question 10: This is claimed to have originated with Saint Peter, and is the practice of the Latin Rite ________.
Pope John Paul IIPopePope Gregory ICatholic Church


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