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Tonne: Quiz


Question 1: In the case of ________, the acronym MTU is sometimes considered to be metric ton of uranium, meaning 1,000 kg.

Question 2: The tonne of trinitrotoluene (TNT) is used as a proxy for energy, usually of explosions (TNT is a common ________).
OxygenNitroglycerinNitrogenExplosive material

Question 3: The tonne is not a unit in the ________ (SI), but is accepted for use with the SI.
International System of UnitsMetric systemSystems of measurementConversion of units

Question 4: In ________ the spelling was tunne, "cask" — a full cask about a metre high could easily weigh a tonne.
Old EnglishMiddle High GermanGreat Vowel ShiftMiddle English

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