Tonicity: Quiz

Question 1: In ________ animal cells, a hypertonic environment forces water to leave the cell so that the shape of the cell becomes distorted and wrinkled, a state known as crenation.

Question 2: In ________, the effect is more dramatic.
Plant cellChloroplastCell wallPlastid

Question 3: For example, saltwater is hypertonic to the ________ that live in it.
Forage fishFishFish anatomyPelagic fish

Question 4: The flexible ________ pulls away from the rigid cell wall, but remains joined to the cell wall at points called plasmodesmata.
Cell membraneCell (biology)Cell nucleusVesicle (biology)

Question 5: They need a large surface area in their ________ in contact with seawater for gas exchange, thus they lose water osmotically to the sea from gill cells.
Fish anatomyGillDemersal fishFish

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