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Tongue: Quiz


Question 1:
How do you write Tongue in latin?
rami dorsales linguae arteriae lingualis
pars anterior dorsi linguae
venae dorsales linguae

Question 2: Hot tongue sandwiches are frequently found on menus in ________ delicatessens in America.
KashrutJudaismHasidic JudaismHalakha

Question 3: This is the only (apart from I.V. administration) convenient and efficacious route of administration of nitroglycerin to a patient suffering ________, chest pain.
Myocardial infarctionAtherosclerosisAngina pectorisCoronary artery disease

Question 4:

Question 5:
What is the precursor of the Tongue?

Question 6: The word tongue derives from the ________ tunge, which comes from Proto-Germanic *tung┼Źn.
Middle High GermanGreat Vowel ShiftMiddle EnglishOld English

Question 7: The ability to roll the tongue has been generally believed to depend on ________.
GenealogyHeredityMatrilinealityMost recent common ancestor

Question 8: ________ has appeared historically in many ancient cultures, and is an increasingly popular trend in the West today, particularly in youth culture.
Ear piercing instrumentTongue piercingBody piercingBarbell (piercing)

Question 9: A 1975 twin study found that identical twins (who share all of their ________) were no more likely than fraternal twins (who share an average of half) to both have the same phenotype for tongue rolling.

Question 10: Fried cod tongue is a relatively common part of fish meals in ________ and Newfoundland.
NorwayUnited StatesGermanyPoland

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