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Question 1: Initially, Schoenberg required the avoidance of suggestions of ________—such as the use of consecutive imperfect consonances (thirds or sixths)—when constructing tone rows, reserving such use for the time when the dissonance is completely emancipated.
Musical modeMusical scaleTonalityHarmony

Question 2: Tone rows are the basis of ________'s twelve-tone technique and most types of serial music.
Igor StravinskyPierre BoulezArnold SchoenbergAnton Webern

Question 3: A literary parallel of the tone row is found in ________'s poems which use each of a particular set of letters only once.
OulipoFrench literatureGeorges PerecRaymond Queneau

Question 4: Tone row may also be used to describe other musical collections or scales such as in ________.
Middle Eastern musicArabic musicRaïArabic pop music

Question 5: Here is the tone row from ________'s Concerto Opus 24:
Alban BergArnold SchoenbergAnton WebernKarlheinz Stockhausen

Question 6: ________, however, sometimes incorporated tonal elements into his twelve-tone works, and the main tone row of his Violin Concerto hints at this tonality:
Arnold SchoenbergAlban BergAlexander von ZemlinskyMusic


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