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Tonality: Quiz


Question 1: Tone-centric music composed in other scale systems may be ________, and while microtonal music theory may draw from tonal theory, it is treated separately in textbooks and other works on music.
Quarter toneSemitoneMicrotonal musicJust intonation

Question 2: The seven basic notes of a scale are notated in the ________, and whether the piece is in the major or minor key is either stated in the title or implied in the piece (there is a major and minor key for each key signature).
Musical modeMusical scaleSemitoneKey signature

Question 3: The traditional form of tonal music begins and ends on the tonic of the piece, and many tonal works move to a closely related key, such as the dominant of the main tonality (for example ________).
Variation (music)Classical period (music)Exposition (music)Sonata form

Question 4: Other important scales include the blues scale, the whole tone scale, ________ and the chromatic scale.
Jazz scaleAcoustic scalePentatonic scaleMusical scale

Question 5: In notation or analysis, each note or degree of the scale is often designated by a Roman numeral, or, less commonly, ________:
B (musical note)SolfègeE (musical note)A (musical note)

Question 6: In the harmonic kind tonality is produced through the V-I ________.
Chord progressionAndalusian cadenceChord (music)Twelve-bar blues

Question 7: David Cope (1997,) considers key, consonance or relaxation and dissonance or tension, and ________ relationships to be the three most basic concepts in tonality.
Biological organisationHierarchyHumanOrganizational hierarchy

Question 8: There was also a gradual increase in the use of notes which were not part of the basic 7 notes, called chromaticism, culminating in post-________ music such as that by Mahler and Strauss and trends such as impressionism and dodecaphony.
Felix MendelssohnRichard WagnerFranz LisztHector Berlioz

Question 9: At the same time the elaboration of both the ________ and the sonata form in terms of key relationships becomes more rigorous, and the study of harmonic progressions, voice leading and ambiguity of key becomes more precise.
Baroque musicJohann PachelbelJohann Sebastian BachFugue

Question 10: Theories of tonal music are generally said to have begun with ________'s Treatise on Harmony (1722), where he describes music written through chord progressions, cadences and structure.
Les fêtes de PolymnieCastor et PolluxHippolyte et AricieJean-Philippe Rameau


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