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Question 1: To avoid confusion, the former is more specifically referred to as a "long ton" and the the latter, a "short ton"; neither should be confused with the ________, which is 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lb).
TonneUnited States customary unitsImperial unitsMetric system

Question 2: Measurements in tons of TNT have been used primarily to express ________, though they have also been used since in seismology as well.
Nuclear arms raceNuclear weapons testingNuclear weapon designNuclear weapon yield

Question 3: See 1 E-1 m³ and ________ for a comparison with other volumes.
1 E+30 m³1 E+50 m³Orders of magnitude (volume)1 E+40 m³

Question 4: The water ton was formerly used in Great Britain and is equal to 224 ________, the volume occupied by a mass of one long ton under the conditions that define the imperial gallon.
Imperial unitsEnglish unitsUnited States customary unitsMetric system

Question 5: Early values for the explosive energy released by ________ (TNT) ranged from 900 to 1100 calories per gram.
TrinitrotolueneNitric acidNitroglycerinBenzene

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