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Tomb of Horrors: Quiz


Question 1: Tomb of Horrors was written by ________ for official D&D tournament play at the 1975 Origins 1 convention.
Expedition to the Barrier PeaksWargamingGary GygaxDungeons & Dragons

Question 2: Tomb of Horrors is a 1978 adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, written by ________.
Dungeons & DragonsGary GygaxExpedition to the Barrier PeaksWargaming

Question 3: Tomb of Horrors is set in the ________, a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons.
Dwellers of the Forbidden CityExpedition to the Barrier PeaksFlanaessGreyhawk

Question 4: [4][5] In 1978, ________ published the module with a monochrome cover, revised and updated for use with first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules.
Dungeons & DragonsGary GygaxTSR, Inc.Greyhawk

Question 5: [10] Tomb of Horrors was also adapted into a novel of the same name by Keith Francis Strohm for the Greyhawk Classics series, published by ________ in 2002.
The DuelistWizards of the CoastRichard GarfieldMagic: The Gathering


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