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Tomato: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial authority of Tomato?

Question 2: [31] The genomes of its mitochondria and ________ are also being sequenced as part of the project.
PhotosynthesisPlastidChloroplastCell wall

Question 3: The tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a herbaceous, usually sprawling plant in the nightshade family that is typically cultivated for its edible ________.
FruitSeedVegetableFlowering plant

Question 4: By the mid-1700s, tomatoes were widely eaten in Britain; and before the end of that century, the Encyclopædia Britannica stated that the tomato was "in daily use" in ________, broths, and as a garnish.
BreakfastGreek cuisineMedieval cuisineSoup

Question 5:
What is the binomial of Tomato?
Solanum sycocarpum
Solanum lycopersicum
Solanum mammosum
Solanum bullatum

Question 6: In California, tomatoes are grown under ________ for both the fresh fruit market and for canning and processing.
DrainageDrip irrigationIrrigationWater

Question 7:
What family does Tomato belong to?

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  A basket of tomatoes displayed in a Singapore supermarket.
  A sign posted at a Havelock, North Carolina Burger King telling customers that no tomatoes are available due to the salmonella outbreak.

Question 9: The ________ (UC Davis) became a major center for research on the tomato.
University of California, DavisUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, IrvineUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Question 10:
What role did Tomato play in the movie Off-Balance?
Homeroom Teacher


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