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Tom Lantos: Quiz


Question 1: The first Lantos Human Rights Prize, named in the congressman's memory, was presented to the ________ in 2009.
5th Dalai Lama13th Dalai Lama6th Dalai Lama14th Dalai Lama

Question 2: [15][16] In 2005 he opposed an effort to expand public use of the ________, a protected wildlife haven.
Angel Island (California)Fort Point, San FranciscoGolden Gate National Recreation AreaFarallon Islands

Question 3: At one point he was confronted by witnesses who questioned the likelihood of enthusiastic Baghdadis welcoming the invading Americans; Lantos called this a kind of ________, to suggest the Iraqis might be so ungrateful.
RacismSouth Africa under apartheidRacial segregationEthnic cleansing

Question 4: could lose Afghanistan to the ________ if the Bush administration failed to take decisive action to halt the current decline in political stability there.
Abu SayyafIslamic terrorismTalibanAl-Qaeda

Question 5: ________ — 0% for 2006
American Family AssociationFamily Research CouncilJames DobsonChristian right

Question 6: Lantos was referring to Schröder's ties to energy business in ________, and remarked that this appellation would offend prostitutes.
RussiaUnited StatesMoscowRussian culture

Question 7: ________ — 95% for 2005-2006
Hillary Rodham ClintonNational Organization for WomenDemocratic Party (United States)United States

Question 8: On June 19, 2008, President ________ posthumously awarded Lantos the Medal of Freedom.
George H. W. BushGeorge W. BushRonald ReaganDick Cheney

Question 9: From 1950 to 1980, Lantos was a professor of ________, an international affairs analyst for public television, and a consultant to a number of businesses.
EconomicsKeynesian economicsMoneyHeterodox economics

Question 10: ________ — 0% for 2006
Americans For Fair TaxationAmericans for Tax ReformArlen SpecterGrover Norquist

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