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Toluene: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Toluene also known as?
Aluminium hydride

Question 2: Toluene may enter the human system not only through vapour inhalation from the liquid evaporation, but also following ________ events, where human contact with soil, ingestion of contaminated groundwater or soil vapour off-gassing can occur.
Soil contaminationPollutionBioremediationEnvironmental radioactivity

Question 3: The diazonium compound thus obtained is heated with alkaline ________ (SnCl2).
Tin(IV) chlorideTin(II) chlorideTin(II) fluorideTin

Question 4: It undergoes nitration to give ortho and para nitrotoluene isomers, but if heated it can give dinitrotoluene and ultimately the explosive ________ (TNT).
BenzeneNitroglycerinTrinitrotolueneNitric acid

Question 5: Toluene can also be treated with elemental ________ in the presence of UV light (direct sunlight) to yield benzyl bromide.

Question 6: Halogenation can be performed under ________ conditions.
OxygenRadical (chemistry)Oxidative stressAntioxidant

Question 7: Catalytic hydrogenation of toluene to methylcyclohexane requires a high pressure of ________ to go to completion, because of the stability of the aromatic system.

Question 8: Toluene can be used to break open red blood cells in order to extract ________ in biochemistry experiments.
Arterial blood gasGlycated hemoglobinSerum ironHemoglobin

Question 9: Like other solvents, toluene is also used as an ________ drug for its intoxicating properties; however, this causes severe neurological harm.
Recreational drug useNitrous oxideInhalantKetamine

Question 10: It is also used as a carbon source for making Multi-Wall ________.
FullereneDiamondGrapheneCarbon nanotube


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