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Question 1: Masuda is a close friend of Reiichi Himuro from their student days who runs a ________ bar.
JazzAmerican popular musicDixielandBlues

Question 2: Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (ときめきメモリアルGirl's Side Tokimeki Memoriaru Girl's Side?) is a female-oriented dating sim[1] video game released by ________ for the PlayStation 2 game console on June 20, 2002.
Parodius (series)KonamiMetal Gear (series)Contra (series)

Question 3: Another addition to the ________ version.
Nintendo DSiNintendo DSi XLNintendo DS LiteNintendo DS

Question 4: While leading a normal high school life including academics, club activities and part-time work, it is also possible to become friendly with boys who can make a declaration of love on ________ day.
GraduationAcademic degreeAcademic dressCollege

Question 5: He appears to have few friends, but Morimura has been his friend since ________.
Public school (government funded)CollegeSecondary educationMiddle school

Question 6: His grandfather is a German ________ maker.
Stained glassGlassblowingCeramic artSculpture

Question 7: As an added feature of the ________ version, the player can touch many of the characters using the stylus causing many different responses depending on their feelings for you (e.g.
Nintendo DSiNintendo DS LiteNintendo DSNintendo DSi XL

Question 8: It was also rereleased with enhancements for the ________ as Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love on February 15, 2007.
Nintendo DS LiteNintendo DSiNintendo DSNintendo DSi XL

Question 9: Among the changes in the ________ version there is a new character, Tendo, and new features including a best friends scenario, skinship, and kiss endings.
Nintendo DS LiteNintendo DSi XLNintendo DSiNintendo DS


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