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Question 1: There was no fixed ideological course within the set scope of what was admissible within the ________ at any particular time, and there were numerous and very significant political adjustments, switches, manoeuvres, meanderings, and experiments.
Iron CurtainJoseph StalinEastern BlocBerlin Wall

Question 2: Two years later, he was convicted of ________ government funds and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Question 3: Zhivkov was forced down as Party leader at a BKP plenum on 10 November 1989, just as the ________ fell.
Solidarity (Polish trade union)Helmut KohlMikhail GorbachevBerlin Wall

Question 4: Having become the longest-serving ________ leader, in 1988 he allowed himself to advise Gorbachev on the course of future reforms.
Iron CurtainJoseph StalinEastern BlocBerlin Wall

Question 5: Alongside the chauvinist nationalism of his later years, Zhivkov was mindful of the need to adjust to the new ________ leadership in Moscow.
Lech WałęsaRonald ReaganBoris YeltsinMikhail Gorbachev

Question 6: The Porcupine, a fictional account of the trial of Stoyo Petkanov, a barely disguised Zhivkov, was written by ________ and published in Bulgarian and English in 1992.
Harold PinterDoris LessingJulian BarnesSalman Rushdie

Question 7: A Chinese-style "________" was even staged in 1958, being quickly shelved (due to the disruption it brought, rather than the direct and unmistakable allusion to Maoism).
RenminbiGreat Leap ForwardChinese financial systemThree-anti/five-anti campaigns

Question 8: Since 2001 (and also from 1991-1994) the DPS (________) party, composed almost entirely of Bulgarian Turks, has held the balance of power in Bulgarian politics.
Swedish People's Party (Finland)Centre Party (Finland)Movement for Rights and FreedomsNational Movement for Stability and Progress

Question 9: A joke he told about himself was that, when ________ asked Radio Yerevan for guidance on his reforms, the radio intimated that a large body of experience on change, reorganisation and disruption had been accumulated within a "fraternal state."
Lech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevRonald ReaganBoris Yeltsin

Question 10: Zhivkov became ________ in 1977 [1].
Hero of UkraineHero of the Soviet UnionVirtuti MilitariHero of the Russian Federation

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