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Toddler: Quiz


Question 1: A toddler is a young child who is of the age of learning to walk,[1] between infancy and ________.
AdultAttachment theoryAdolescenceChildhood

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4: Mimics social behavior such as hugging a ________ or feeding a doll.
United StatesAmerican Black BearMississippiTeddy bear

Question 5: ________ increases 99/64 mmHg
Circulatory systemBlood pressureVasodilationRenin-angiotensin system

Question 6: ________ slows further 110-90 per minute
PulseCirculatory systemBlood pressureHeart rate

Question 7: A toddler's first ________ most often occurs around 12 months, but again this is only an average.
Function wordLexemeMorphology (linguistics)Word

Question 8: Before going to sleep they often engage in a monologue called ________ in which they practice conversational skills.
ToddlerWord playCrib talkBabbling


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