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Tobolsk: Quiz


Question 1: It became the seat of the Viceroy of Siberia and prospered on trade with China and ________.

Question 2: The chemist ________ and the painter Vasily Perov are the most famous natives of the city.
RussiaRussiansAlexander BlokDmitri Mendeleev

Question 3: After the White Army approached the city in spring of 1918, the royal family was moved to Yekaterinburg and shot there, ending the imperial ________ dynasty.
Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of RussiaHouse of RomanovGrand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of RussiaPrincess Irina Alexandrovna of Russia

Question 4: Until the ________, the city served as the capital of the Tobolsk guberniya.
October RevolutionRussian Civil WarVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)

Question 5: Some of the ________ were exiled and lived there as well.
Mikhail Andreyevich MiloradovichRussian EmpireRussiaDecembrist revolt

Question 6: Bowing to the city's authority, many Siberian towns, including Omsk, Tyumen, and ________, had their original arms display the Tobolsk insignia.

Question 7: In The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, ________ made his Robinson Crusoe character stay in Tobolsk from September 1703 to June 1704.
Daniel DefoeNovelJonathan SwiftWilliam Dampier

Question 8: After administrative division of the territory, Tobolsk remained the seat of the Governor-General of Western Siberia until the seat was moved to ________ in the 1820s or 1830s.
RussiaOmskMoscowVeliky Novgorod

Question 9: Also noteworthy is a granite monument to Yermak, constructed to a design by Alexander Brullov in 1839.The city's neighbourhood is rich in ancient ________ and pagan shrines.
ScythiansKurgan hypothesisRussiaKurgan

Question 10: Tobolsk was founded by Yermak Timofeyevich's ________ in 1585-1586 during the first Russian advance into Siberia near the ruins of the Siberia Khanate's capital, Qashliq.
Kuban CossacksCossacksZaporozhian CossacksBohdan Khmelnytsky


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