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Question 1:
Tobias Schneebaum, Andy Warhol and David Lynch are all:
LGBT people from the United States LGBT Jews American artists People from Manhattan

Question 2: During World War II he served as a radar repairman in the ________.
United States armed forcesUnited States ArmyUnited States Army AfricaUnited States Marine Corps

Question 3:
Tobias Schneebaum, Margaret Mead and Dian Fossey are all:
American cannibals People from Manhattan American anthropologists Goddard College alumni

Question 4: In 1947, after briefly studying painting with Rufino Tamayo at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Schneebaum went to live and paint in ________ for three years, living among the Lakadone tribe.
NicaraguaMexicoPhilippinesUnited States

Question 5:
Tobias Schneebaum, Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish are all:
People from Manhattan LGBT Jews American cannibals 2005 deaths

Question 6: In 1999, he revisited both Irian Jaya and Peru for a ________, also titled Keep the River on Your Right.
Cinéma véritéDocumentary filmDirect CinemaPolitical cinema

Question 7: Tobias Schneebaum (March 25, 1922 – September 20, 2005) was an American artist, anthropologist, and ________ activist.
ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesHIVAIDSAIDS dementia complex

Question 8: He was born on Manhattan's Lower East Side and grew up in ________.
Suffolk County, New YorkBrooklynQueensNew York City

Question 9:
Tobias Schneebaum, Albert Fish and Elizabeth Bthory are all:
American cannibals Incidents of cannibalism American anthropologists LGBT Jews

Question 10:
Tobias Schneebaum, Tim Robbins and Lucy Liu are all:
LGBT people from the United States 2005 deaths Stuyvesant High School alumni Goddard College alumni

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