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Toad (comics): Quiz


Question 1: He was also obsessed with his then-teammate, the ________, leading to a continuing enmity with her and her brother, Quicksilver, though the crush was dropped years later after he saw her pregnant belly and became disgusted.
NamorStan LeeWolverine (comics)Scarlet Witch

Question 2: Toad is an unlockable character in the ________ X-Men: Mutant Academy.
Video game genresNonviolent video gamePersonal computer gameVideo game

Question 3: Aspects of this Toad have since been implemented into the ________ version.
Comic bookGraphic novelComicsAmerican comic book

Question 4: Toad (Mortimer Toynbee) is a mutant partner of homicide detective Fred Dukes in ________.
Marvel NoirSentinel (comics)DeadpoolDecimation (comics)

Question 5: This version of Toad was a highly articulate Shakespearean ________, and a master swordsman.

Question 6: Toad made a brief reappearance on ________ some time after the island's annihilation, leading a team including Paralyzer and Unus to try and rebuild the statue of Magneto as a monument to him.
Sentinel (comics)X-MenSabretooth (comics)Genosha

Question 7: His tongue is superhumanly strong and tough to the extent that he once killed a magistrate of ________ by ensnaring him with his tongue and squeezing him, causing the magistrate to be crushed to death.
Sabretooth (comics)Sentinel (comics)GenoshaX-Men

Question 8: This Toad is also British like the mainstream version but has four fingers, green skin and can walk on walls and ceilings like ________.
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)Spider-ManStan LeeThe New Avengers (comics)

Question 9: Toad (Mortimer Toynbee) is a ________ supervillain, an enemy of the X-Men.
Marvel StudiosMarvel EntertainmentMarvel ComicsMarvel Animation

Question 10: He has special dialogue with ________ and Blink (when she is rescued).
Cable (comics)Mutant Liberation FrontMister SinisterStryfe

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