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Titus (Biblical): Quiz


Question 1: [9] The ________ celebrates these two, together with Silas, on the same date.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaHigh Church LutheranismLutheranism by regionLutheranism

Question 2: The ________ does not record his death.
Biblical canonJesusGospelNew Testament

Question 3: Titus was with Paul and Barnabas at Antioch and accompanied them to the Council of Jerusalem,[1] although his name occurs nowhere in the ________.
Acts of the ApostlesNew TestamentAuthors of the BibleGospel

Question 4: [8] In 1969, the Roman Catholic Church assigned the feast to 26 January so as to celebrate the two disciples of Paul, Titus and Timothy, on the day after the feast of the ________.
New TestamentBibleConversion of PaulBiblical canon

Question 5: Saint Titus was a companion of Saint Paul, mentioned in several of the ________.
GospelPauline epistlesBiblical manuscriptNew Testament

Question 6: [6] However, 2 Timothy is regarded as ________ by the majority of modern scholars.
New TestamentApocryphaBiblePseudepigraph

Question 7: The feast day of Titus was not included in the ________.
January 1January 18Tridentine CalendarDecember 8

Question 8: [3] After this his name is not mentioned until after Paul's first imprisonment, when he was engaged in the organization of the church in ________, where Paul had left him for this purpose.

Question 9: According to tradition, Paul ordained Titus bishop of ________ in Crete.
HeraklionGortynArchanesMalia (municipality)


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