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Title sequence: Quiz


Question 1: The Dick Van Dyke Show – Rob (________) entered through the front door and tripped over the ottoman.
Harry BelafonteJack CassidyYul BrynnerDick Van Dyke

Question 2: The last season featured a montage of pictures of the cast set to lyrics sung by John Popper of ________.
Run-AroundBlues TravelerBrendan HillH.O.R.D.E.

Question 3: Ellen – Many episodes opened with ________ introducing a performer who was playing the theme song that week while she held up a sign with the name of the show.
Carrie UnderwoodEllen DeGeneresAmerican Idol (season 6)American Idol

Question 4: ________ – Stan picks up a newspaper with a unique headline (seasons 1-3); Roger appears in Stan's car wearing a different disguise (fourth season on).
Family GuyAmerican Dad!FuturamaThe Cleveland Show

Question 5: ________ – the "Seinfeld" logo changes color and style every season.
Jerry Seinfeld (character)Elaine BenesCosmo KramerSeinfeld

Question 6: ________ - at the end of their theme song, a different lyric is sung with a related clip.
AnimaniacsFreakazoid!Pinky and the BrainTiny Toon Adventures

Question 7: ________ - a criminal commits a crime and is flown off to Superjail, passing various unusual sites along the way.
The Venture Bros.Superjail!Stroker and HoopThe Drinky Crow Show

Question 8: A title sequence might also be used to explain the premise of a series, traditionally utilising clips from its ________.
The A-TeamTelevision pilotTelevision shows that spun off from anthology seriesSpin-off (media)

Question 9: "Sax solo gag" – ________ improvises a different solo on her saxophone as the teacher sends her out of the room.
Marge SimpsonHomer SimpsonLisa SimpsonBart Simpson

Question 10: ________ – the text below the title and the cartoon clip playing on the big screen changes each episode.
Futurama: Bender's Big ScoreFuturama: The Beast with a Billion BacksThe SimpsonsFuturama

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