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Title: Quiz


Question 1: Sultan/Sultana - Arabic King (present ________ and former Ottoman Empire)
Saudi ArabiaQatarUnited Arab EmiratesOman

Question 2: The present head of ________ is titled a Paramount Chief
TongaSamoaSolomon IslandsNauru

Question 3: Kunigaikshtis (Kunigaikštis) - Lithuanian, duke as in ________.
Grand Duchy of LithuaniaGolden HordeHistory of UkraineKhmelnytsky Uprising

Question 4: Marshal (from which come ________, Air Marshal, Air Vice Marshal, Earl Marshal, Field Marshal, Grand Marshal, Hereditary Marshal, and Reich Marshal)
Air CommodoreAir Vice-MarshalGroup CaptainAir Chief Marshal

Question 5: Domn (in Romanian) /Gospodar (in Old Slavonian) - Medieval Romania (________, Wallachia)

Question 6: ________ (from which come Lord High Constable and Senior Constable)
PoliceEnglandConstableUnited States

Question 7: Master and Commander, film directed by ________
Peter WeirWitness (1985 film)The Truman ShowGallipoli (1981 film)

Question 8: Palatine (________, the Roman Catholic Church, Hungary, etc.)
Classical antiquityAncient RomeRoman RepublicRoman Empire

Question 9: Engku or Ungku - ________, to denote particular family lineage akin to royalty
Papua New GuineaMalaysiaSingaporePhilippines

Question 10: Leader - The head of state of ________ is titled Great Leader.
South KoreaNorth KoreaKorean People's NavyKorean Peninsula

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