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Tissue transglutaminase: Quiz


Question 1: Amongst its many supposed functions, it appears to play a role in wound healing, ________ and extracellular matrix development[1]
Transcription factorApoptosisSignal transductionApoptosis-inducing factor

Question 2: Recent studies suggest that tTG plays a role in ________, degenerative diseases and tumor biology.
Leukocyte extravasationVasculitisMeningitisInflammation

Question 3: Tissue transglutaminase is best known for its link with ________.
Autoimmune hepatitisCrohn's diseaseCoeliac diseaseMalabsorption

Question 4: [5] This latter activity is important in the deamidation of gliadin peptides thus playing important role in the pathology of ________.
Crohn's diseaseAutoimmune hepatitisMalabsorptionCoeliac disease

Question 5: It is also being studied as an attenuator of ________ in certain tumors.
MetastasisHead and neck cancerCancer stagingCancer

Question 6: It is particularly notable for being the autoantigen in coeliac disease, but is also known to play a role in ________, cellular differentiation and matrix stabilisation.
Transcription factorApoptosis-inducing factorApoptosisSignal transduction

Question 7: Tissue transglutaminase (abbreviated as TG2 or tTG) is an ________ (EC of the transglutaminase family.
ProteinCofactor (biochemistry)Enzyme inhibitorEnzyme

Question 8: Serology for anti-tTG ________ has superseded older serological tests (anti-endomysium, anti-gliadin and anti-reticulin) and has a strong sensitivity (99%) and specificity (>90%) for identifying coeliac disease.
AntibodyImmune systemAutoantibodyAdaptive immune system


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