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Tissue plasminogen activator: Quiz


Question 1: Decreased activity leads to hypofibrinolysis which can result in thrombosis or ________.
EmbolismAir embolismFat embolismCardiovascular disease

Question 2: In addition, people with frostbite who were treated with tPA had fewer ________ than those who were not.
SurgeryUnited StatesAmputationICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 3: tPA is used in diseases that feature blood clots, such as pulmonary embolism, ________ and stroke, in a medical treatment called thrombolysis.
Myocardial infarctionCoronary artery diseaseIschaemic heart diseaseHeart failure

Question 4: Tissue plasminogen activator is a protein encoded by the PLAT ________, which is located on chromosome 8.

Question 5: Tissue plasminogen activator also plays a role in ________ and tissue remodeling.
AntibodyCell membraneCell migrationCell nucleus

Question 6: Because it works on the clotting system, tPA is used in ________ to treat only embolic or thrombolytic stroke.
Specialty (medicine)MedicinePhysicianSurgery

Question 7: Tissue plasminogen activator has been shown to interact with Fibrinogen alpha chain,[3][4] ________[5][6] and SERPINI1.
HER2/neuInsulin receptorLRP1CDH1 (gene)

Question 8: ________ (Bemiparin, Certoparin, Dalteparin, Enoxaparin, Nadroparin, Parnaparin, Reviparin, Tinzaparin)
Direct thrombin inhibitorAnticoagulantWarfarinLow molecular weight heparin

Question 9: other serine endopeptidases: ________ • Fibrinolysin
UrokinaseTissue plasminogen activatorStreptokinaseAncrod

Question 10: Tissue plasminogen activator (abbreviated tPA or PLAT) is a ________ involved in the breakdown of blood clots.


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