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Question 1: These cells have hard and extremely thick secondary walls due to uniform distribution of ________.
PlantCell wallFungusLignin

Question 2: The important complex tissues in vascular plants are ________, phloem.
XylemVascular plantFlowering plantWood

Question 3: Bone, often referred to as osseous tissue, and ________ are examples of specialized connective tissues.
BloodBlood plasmaRed blood cellPlatelet

Question 4: This tissue covers all organismal surfaces that come in contact with the external environment such as the ________, the airways, and the digestive tract.
SkinTanningHuman skinLeather

Question 5: It is responsible for conduction of water and inorganic ________.
Solubility equilibriumPartition coefficientSolventSolubility

Question 6: This process of taking up a permanent shape, size and a function is called ________.
Stem cell treatmentsCellular differentiationStem cellAdult stem cell

Question 7: These tissues are concerned with ________ of water, mineral, nutrients and organic substances.
EngineeringTransportCivil engineeringNaval architecture

Question 8: ________ is Greek word where "Sclrenes" means hard and "enchyma" means infusion.
MeristemEpidermis (botany)Ground tissueTissue (biology)

Question 9: The cells of this tissue are characterized by having chloroplasts (containing ________).
PlantPhotosynthesisChlorophyllPlant physiology

Question 10: The epithelial tissues are formed by layers of cells that cover organ surfaces such as the surface of the skin, the airways, the reproductive tract, and the inner lining of the ________.
Human gastrointestinal tractColorectal cancerPeritonitisAscending cholangitis

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