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Tiruvalluvar: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is divided into three sections.
SanskritTirukkuṛaḷBengali languageSinhala language

Question 2: ________ is one of most revered ancient works in the Tamil [4] .
TirukkuṛaḷSinhala languageSanskritBengali language

Question 3: Thiruvalluvar might have spent most part of his life in ________ because it was under the Pandia rulers that many Tamil poets flourished.
VelloreMaduraiChennaiTamil Nadu

Question 4: Thiruvalluvar (Tamil: திருவள்ளுவர்) was a celebrated Tamil poet who wrote the Thirukkural, a work on ethics in ________.He is also known by other names like Theiva Pulavar and Poyyamozhi Pulavar.
Sangam literatureTamil SangamsTamil literatureEṭṭuttokai

Question 5: The 133 ft denotes ________'s 133 Chapters or athikarams and the show of three fingers, to denote the three themes Aram, Porul, and Inbam ie the Sections on Morals, Wealth and Rejoice.
Bengali languageTirukkuṛaḷSanskritSinhala language

Question 6: There are, also, more traditional stories citing the Tamil ________ of Madurai (the assembly/conference of eminent scholars and researchers conducted on a regular basis) as the authority through which Thirukkural was introduced to the world.
Sangam literatureAgattiyamTamil literatureTamil Sangams

Question 7: According to another he was born and lived in Mylapore, a part of present day ________ city and traveled to Madurai to submit his work, the Thirukural, for approval of the king (Pandian) and his college of poets.
Chennai EgmoreChennaiMadras PresidencyChennai Suburban Railway

Question 8: One legend associates him to ________, the ancient capital of the Pandya rulers who vigorously promoted Tamil literature.
ChennaiVelloreMaduraiTamil Nadu

Question 9: There is a 133 feet tall statue of Saint Thiruvalluvar erected at the southern tip of Indian subcontinent (Kanyakumari) where the Arabian Sea, the ________, and the Indian Ocean confluence.
Gulf of KhambhatLaccadive SeaBay of BengalPalk Strait

Question 10: There is also the recent claim by Kanyakumari Historical and Cultural Research Centre (KHCRC) that Valluvar was a king who ruled Valluvanadu in the hilly tracts of ________ of Tamil Nadu.
PadmanabhapuramKanyakumari districtNagercoilKolachal


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