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Tirur: Quiz


Question 1: Situated at GarudanKavu, 6 km from Tirur, is the only temple in Kerala dedicated to ________, the bird deity.

Question 2: This madom was a centre of Aryanisation through Sanskrit and Vedic education, as Thirunavaya was believed to be the main centre, where Parasurama brought and settled ________.
BrahminBhumiharBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 3: Later the Zamorin of ________, took this right by force and this resulted in dispute and bloodshed between these two Rajas.
Kozhikode districtKozhikodeNorth MalabarKerala

Question 4: In olden days, ________ was a grand assembly of the rulers, held once every 12 years, in which one among them was selected the emperor of Kerala.
KalarippayattuKalarippayattu filmsNorthern KalaripayattuMamankam festival

Question 5: In addition, the supposedly divine presence of ________ saints has caused interest among potential residents.
Muslim historyIslamic schools and branchesMosqueIslam

Question 6: Situated on the banks of ________, it is a place of historical importance.
Kadalundi RiverChaliyar RiverChalakudy RiverBharathappuzha

Question 7: Tirur is a town and a municipality in Malappuram district in the Indian state of ________.
KeralaMalayaliThiruvananthapuramKochi, India

Question 8: The place has three temples, dedicated to the Trimurtis, the gods of creation, sustenance and annihilation of life, according to the Hindu belief strewn on the banks of the ________.
Kadalundi RiverChalakudy RiverBharathappuzhaChaliyar River

Question 9: Thunchan Parambu is a small place in Tirur where ________, the poet considered as the father of the Malayalam Literature was born in the 16th century AD.
Malayalam scriptGrantha scriptKeralaThunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

Question 10: It has an average elevation of 2 ________ (6 feet).
Metre1 decametre100 megametres10 megametres


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