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Tirthankar: Quiz


Question 1: A Tirthankar is a special sort of ________, a person who has totally conquered base sensibilities such as anger, pride, deceit, or desire.
BuddhismHouseholder (Buddhism)NirvanaArhat

Question 2: In the current (descending) half cycle of time, the first Tirthankar ________, lived sextillions of years ago and attained liberation ('moksh' or 'nirvan') towards the end of the third era.
AjitnathJainismRishabha (Jain tirthankar)Parshva

Question 3: The total length of the lifespans of all 24 Tirthankar's combined equals 2.603672 ________ years.
History of large numbersNames of large numbersGoogolLarge numbers

Question 4: The 24th and last Tirthankar was ________ (599-527 BC), whose existence is a historically accepted fact.


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