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Tipi: Quiz


Question 1: Tipis are ________ associated with Native Americans in general but Native Americans from places other than the Great Plains used different types of dwellings.
RacismAntisemitismEthnic cleansingStereotype

Question 2: A tipi consists of four elements: a set of ten to twenty poles; a cover historically used with ________ skins; an optional inner canvas or skin lining; and a canvas or skin door.
BisonBarbary sheepElkAmerican Bison

Question 3: Trimming this shape yields a door and the smoke flaps that allow the dwellers to control the ________ effect to expel smoke from their fires.
Endesa TermicInco SuperstackEkibastuz GRES-2 Power StationChimney

Question 4: This portability was important to ________ with their nomadic lifestyle.
PawneeCheyennePlains IndiansKiowa

Question 5: Their upper ends rest on the lashing of the first three, and the lower ends are evenly spaced to form a ________ on the ground which includes the original three poles.
CirclePiGeometryConic section

Question 6: Contemporary users of tipis include historical reenactors, back-to-the-land devotees, and Native American families attending ________ or encampments who wish to preserve and pass on a part of their heritage and tradition.
United StatesCaliforniaNative American musicPow-wow

Question 7: Modern tipi covers are usually made of ________.

Question 8: These tripod poles are stood upright, with their unfastened ends spaced apart on the ground to form a ________, each pole's base the skin's radius from its neighbors.

Question 9: Painted tipis were typically painted in accordance with traditional tribal designs and often featured geometric portrayals of ________ and animal designs.
Astronomical objectVariable starStarBinary star

Question 10: A tipi (also te(e)pee) is a conical tent traditionally made of animal skins or birch bark and popularised by Native Americans of the ________.
Midwestern United StatesGreat PlainsSouthern United StatesWestern United States


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